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Professional Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Our carpet cleaning services will give your carpets a new lease of life, enhancing your rooms at an affordable price. Here’s why you should contact Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning today:

  • Professional cleaning service – all our technicians are fully trained plus they have experience cleaning all types of carpet
  • Honest and transparent – if we don’t think we can remove a stain, we’ll tell you before the work begins so you can decide whether to proceed
  • No additional charges – unlike other carpet cleaning service providers, we don’t charge for tasks like moving normal items of furniture we don’t charge extra for as this is part of our standard carpet cleaning services
  • Affordable packages – $109 + GST for three rooms or $159 + GST for five

Give us a call today to find out more and to make a booking.

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Upholstery Cleaning and Other Services

We also offer upholstery cleaning services in addition to carpet cleaning. What's more, you get the same benefits when we clean your couch as you would if you book us to clean your carpet. This includes competitive pricing. We charge $95 for a 3-seater couch and $125 for 5-seats, i.e. one three-seater and one two-seater..

We offer wide range of carpet cleaning & office carpet cleaning


Sometimes our very own home carpet has to bear a huge footfall. It happens if we have a party in our house or some kind of celebration. Children, pets, and the climate add to this piece of decoration and comfort getting soiled and dirty. Regular cleaning which involves vacuuming may reduce the level of dirt on your carpet but does not completely clean it.

To ensure that your carpets last long and continue to look as good as new ones, it is vital that expert hands clean them once a year. Experienced and trained carpet cleaning experts use various methods such as hot water extraction, shampooing, dry cleaning, and bonnet cleaning methods to clean the carpet. How should the carpets be cleaned, and which products and equipment should be used to clean them? These decisions are best taken by carpet cleaning experts.

Many experts recommend hot water extraction or steam cleaning as the best and most efficient way to get the carpet cleaned. This method uses hot steam, which increases cleaning effectiveness and removes stains, soils and spills. If you want to get your home or office carpet cleaned it is better to call Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning who strive to deliver the best carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Professional carpet cleaning involves hiring a cleaning company or cleaning experts to clean the carpets. Like electronics, carpets too require regular maintenance and cleaning by professional hands. Not only heavy and expensive carpets but normal carpets should be cleaned by professional experts once every 12 months. This frequency is the recommended guidelines but you can get the carpets cleaned more than once based on the circumstances.

Like other expensive items, professional experts should be hired to clean the carpets. The primary reason for this is that professional carpet cleaners are experienced and trained for such types of jobs. They know how to remove even the toughest stains from the carpet without harming it. Secondly, the tools and equipment that they use are innovative and built for commercial usage. Thirdly, many carpets require special care; thus, normal cleaning products should not be used to clean them. Finally, there are various methods to clean carpet which method would be perfect for your carpet only a professional cleaner would know.

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaners contact Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning and we would get your home and office carpets cleaned in no time.

The cost of cleaning the carpet highly depends on the size and the material the carpet is made of. Large carpets require more effort to clean; thus, they cost more than their smaller counterparts. In addition, if the carpet is delicate and requires professional experts and products to be cleaned, such carpets too would cost more. Normally the cost for carpet cleaning would range from $35 to $40 per hour or around $25 per room.

Other factors that add to carpet cleaning costs are the extent of staining. Heavily stained carpets require more labour thus, they would cost more. The condition of the carpet is another factor. If your carpet is damaged or burnt, the professional cleaners would have to handle and clean them with utmost care. The cost of cleaning the carpet also depends on the company you have hired. A budget-friendly company such as Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning offers the best carpet cleaning services without compromising on quality.

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