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Flood Restoration Auckland

Global warming, as a result of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, has raised major concerns. It has created a latitude for extreme weather events, such as storms, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, ice storms, floods, etc. All these events take their toll on the entire ecosystem, including humans, their lives, and their properties.

Auckland always faces the risk of thunderstorms, heavy rains, and floods. These extreme weather conditions lead to extensive property damage. This is where specialized flood restoration services come into the picture.

Flood water damage is different from regular water damage caused due to leaky roofs or faulty pipelines. Dealing with flood damage requires a completely different approach. Hence, you should trust no one but Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning for flood restoration services in Auckland, New Zealand.

At Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning, we offer the most comprehensive flood restoration service in your budget. We have a team of expert professionals with years of experience and expertise in mitigating the damage caused by floods and safely drawing out the logged flood water.

Our team knows the most potent remedies for water damage restoration. We are a service equipped with experience, expertise, and robust tools for restoring structural damage caused by flood and executing proactive actions for preventing further damage.

Irrespective of the magnitude of damage, our expert team efficiently carries out the restoration process as swiftly as possible.


Most Common Causes & Effects of Water Damage

Excessive rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and snow are the leading causes of floods. However, there are some less recognized causes too, including clogged or overburdened drainage systems and sewage, dam failures, and urbanization. Whatever the cause is, flooding can lead to severe damage to the property.

However, the effects of flooding are not limited to water damage. Flooding in your home or office can also contribute to severe health issues. It can cause mold growth and rust on the pipes that can negatively impact your health. It can also lead to sanitary hazards and various diseases due to standing water. It contaminates drinking water leading to severe health issues.

Structural damage, electrical damage, defunct sewage system, and drainage, etc., further complicate the problems. Therefore, demanding quick action.
The fact that floods don’t just affect the obvious areas add insult to the injury. The areas that appear to be safe in dry weather also bear the brunt of floods. However, you worry as our flood restoration service extends complete water damage restoration solutions.

Our team uses water detection sensors and probes to detect hidden damage issues. Our flood restoration experts address even the minute issues so that you don’t face any problems in the long run.
So, if floods have caused a great deal of structural damage to your home or office, reach out to our flood restoration service in Auckland. We take quick action to remedy the damage and prevent further exacerbation of the condition.

Flood Restoration Process:

Our team comprises professionals who have received years of training in restoring properties ruined by floods. We have the necessary equipment that removes flood water as well as sewage containing fecal material and harmful bacteria.

Once you approach us for flood restoration, we take prompt action. We quickly dispatch our team to take care of the damage emergencies. Our team first assuages the damage and then begins the flood restoration process.
Upon arriving at the spot, our flood restoration experts inspect the area thoroughly. Right from taking cognizance of the apparent damage to using the most advanced technological aids, like water detection sensors and probes to find the hidden damage, our team takes complete account of the water damage without rushing into water damage restoration.

Once our team gets hold of the problem areas, the experts begin the water extraction process. They thoroughly clean all the furnishings as well as structural elements. They replace the heavily damaged structural elements like drywall and rotten wood.

Our team uses advanced drying equipment for structural drying. We also use the most robust wet carpet drying machines to dry carpet and upholstery destroyed by floodwater.
After wet carpet drying, our team deodorizes your space and takes suitable measures for mold remediation.

Why Choose Us for Flood Restoration in Auckland

We are the most reliable flood restoration service in Auckland, New Zealand. We are completely dedicated to our work and offer unparalleled services. We take pride in our team that is armed with proficiency and years of experience. The expertise of our team in conjugation with our sturdy flood restoration equipment easily indemnify even the most sizable water damage.

What gives us an edge over our competitors is that we are always at the disposal of our clients. We respond to the flood damage emergencies 24-hours, round the calendar. Hence, you can reach us anytime for remediation of water damage at your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are taken for flood restoration?

At Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning, we take well-planned step-by-step measures for water damage restoration. Our flood restoration process involves-

  • A thorough initial inspection
  • Water extraction using robust machines
  • Cleaning all the structural elements and furnishing
  • Wet carpet drying using dehumidification or air movement
  • Deodorizing
  • Mold indemnification,

How long does it take to repair a flooded house?

Needless to say, it largely depends on the extent of damage caused by the flood. On average, it takes 72 hours for a room to dry completely and be ready for restoration. All in all, it takes one to two weeks for the complete water damage reconstruction.

How do you clean up your house after a flood?

When cleaning your house after water damage, prioritize your safety. Shut the electricity and gas off. Wear waterproof gloves, rubber boots, and protective eyeglasses. Examine the structural elements for undermining or cracking. Check the doors and windows.

Take pictures and videos of the flooded house for insurance claims, and then start the cleaning and disinfecting process.
Use a pump to remove the standing floodwater. Take a garbage bag and remove all the wet and contaminated materials.
Removing dry mud or silt can be challenging. Hence, remove them when they are still wet.
Clean and dry all the walls. Thoroughly scrub and disinfect the floor and woodwork.
Dry all the surfaces thoroughly.